Live2D Rigging and Animation

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My Beautiful Children

Commission Prices

All listed prices are base prices and are subject to change based on complexity and circumstance.Everything is considered commercial. These are listed for Vtubers, Streamers, or other content creators. Other uses must be further discussed.Need a beautiful rig-ready model? I highly recommend Yuki Azuya, Raukisu, or Aulia!

IncludesHalf-Body RiggingFull-Body Rigging
Base Price$1600 USD$2000 USD
Blinking/ Eye Movement✔️✔️
Complex Mouth Forms✔️✔️
Mouth X✔️✔️
Brow XY, Forms, and Angles✔️✔️
Head Tilt/ Angle Z✔️✔️
Head XY✔️✔️
Detailed Physics✔️✔️
Lower Body Movement✔️
Additional FeaturesCostNote
Expressions$20 each 
Animated Expressions$40 each(stars, tears, hearts bouncing around, ect)
Tongue$80iOS only, requires tongue art
VBridger Mouth (requires VBridger developer DLC)$200Includes mouth pucker, mouth shrug, jaw open, lip press, and mouth funnel. (Basically super detailed mouth tracking)
Additional Outfit$350+Price depends on complexity
Additional Arm Pose$100+ per addition 
Additional Hairstyles$200+ 
Pets$70+Price depends on size and complexity
Hair Color Customizer$200 

Expressions are created by the Live2D rigger.
Additional items such as masks or special irises are created by the artist.
Expression references should be provided by the client

Here is a list of various complexities in a model and the price range corresponding with it.
Feel free to message me over twitter for a quote or questions!

ItemPrice range
Animal Ears$50+
Animal Tail$120+
Bat/Feather Wings$80+
Chin length hair$50+
Chest length hair$100+
Waist length hair+$200+

For psd cutting, I charge $200+. I highly recommend having your artist cut it up for you!Accepting payments through Paypal and Zelle!

All commission inquiries are taken through my Twitter and email!
email: [email protected]

Terms of Service

General Info

•All the services you buy from me can be used commercially.•I own the work in a manner that I can post it on social media or feature it elsewhere if not discussed specifically beforehand (If discussed, I will not post anything concerning the commission until you are willing to make it public yourself or after your “debut”).•You may repost my works with properly given credit.•I can cancel or decline your order at any time if the work environment does not meet my standards or if I don’t like the client’s attitude. I can initiate a refund in this case.•You can set a reasonable deadline for the commission.•You will have to provide a fully cut model in .PSD format 2 days before your slot. If I find that the file is not properly cut, I will ask that your artist adjusts it.•You can always request WIPs for you to post on social media or to simply check up on how the model is looking. You can also request changes at any time during the commission.•Too many or too drastic changes will increase the price of the commission depending on whether I find the requests justified or not.•By purchasing my services you are automatically accepting my terms of service.


Ordering and Payment

•If you want your model or animation to look a certain way, you can send references or descriptions in the early stages of the process•After negotiating the price for the commission I will send an invoice through Paypal or Zelle. I will receive half of the payment up-front.•Setting a very tight deadline will result in a rush fee up to 50% of the quoted price•Once it is finished and the full price has been paid I will send you the requested files via Google Drive link or E-Mail•The price of the commission will depend on the following points:
-A number of the features the rig has
-The complexity of these features
-The complexity of the character design
-Special requests



•The amount of the refundable payment depends on the stage the commission is in at the time of the request.•There will be NO REFUND for completed animations/rigs